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Physical Therapy Services

Our approach to rehabilitation is unlike most physical therapy offices. The strength of our practice is the individualized one-on-one nature of our approach. We feel that only through patient-specific manual therapy, specialized restorative exercises and biomechanical optimization will people beat their injuries and return to normal. So, in our practice we do not utilize unlicensed practitioners to supervise exercises that could easily be performed at home or in a gym. We use our time to perform hands-on techniques (that many therapists do not know or do not have time to use) and to teach exercises to help restore normal tissue quality and enhance biomechanics. Each session has a specific focus that is determined upon completion of a consultation.
Manual Therapy Session
Therapeutic Training Session
Protective Treatment for Acute Injury or Post Surgery

Movement and Biomechanical Analysis

Although our therapists include an assessment of biomechanics within every physical therapy consultation, some movements and activities are so complex that a specialized evaluation process is required to establish all relevant biomechanical variables. Additionally, many tasks such as jumping and running occur too quickly for biomechanical flaws to be examined with the naked eye. So, at Lucas Physical Therapy, we use a slow motion video analysis system to quantify joint motion.
This analysis helps guide corrective exercises and also serves as a way to monitor progress.
Running Stride Evaluation and Lower Quarter Musculoskeletal Screen
Lower Extremity Sports Injury Risk Analysis
Biomechanical Optimization Training Sessions
Sports Injury Prevention Exercise Classes

Our Specialties

Although we have the skill and expertise to treat any kind of musculoskeletal disorder, there are some conditions that we are especially effective at treating. These specialties are either a function or our specialized manual therapy skills, years of experience working with similar problems and/or knowledge of the scientific research related to the conditions. Please click the links below to learn how our approach is different and more effective for these conditions:
Joint Stiffness and Loss of Motion
Overuse and Repetitive Strain Injuries
Spinal Pain
Senior Mobility, Stroke and Balance
Massage Therapy